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Great read alouds for dd8 and ds5?


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I know The Read Aloud Handbook has a great list at the end, but that book is at the library and I want a couple books to grab quickly on Monday when I "dash" into the library. (A mom can dream, right?)


I haven't done a ton of read aloud novels with the kids. DH reads to them almost every night, and I've done some, but reading Inkheart spread out over a years time (I had a baby in the middle of that) kind of burnt me out. Great book, but too many words for reading aloud, I decided. :tongue_smilie:


Anyways, they have a pretty advanced ear for read alouds. They've heard the Chronicles of Narnia a couple times, have done the 3 Alcatraz books, E.B. White's kids books, Rudyard Kipling, and some others I can't think of. They also listen to a lot of books on tape/CD. Ideally, I would have something that has not too long of chapters that is engaging and humorous enough to keep me awake. I tend to get really drowsy reading aloud.


How is that for an impossible order? :D

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My children enjoy Aesop, and it's just the right length for me!


This one has nice color pictures and a CD:




They are currently enjoying the Landmark book about The Wright Brothers. The chapters are fairly short.

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One more- Peter and the Starcatchers is excellent!! We're currently listening to it in the van. Short chapters- lots of suspense, humorous, etc. The man reading it has great voices for all the characters. Highly recommend it!!



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