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Studying the Middle East/ GTG.

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We are doing Galloping the Globe this year. I am sitting here planning things out, figuring out if we are going to do a year or two years.


I finally decided that with doing 2 weeks for a county (3 for some) plus taking a week to introduce the entire continent we could spread it out for 2 years. But in taking a look through the book... it feels like the Middle East has been completely ignored. Other than Israel, which doesn't really have the Middle Eastern feel to me. There are some fairly important countries in there, and that region is significantly different than the rest of Asia.


I'd like to add in at least a week to study at least one of the Middle Eastern countries. I was thinking I'd be most likely to find stuff about Saudi Arabia. So I guess, the entire point of this too long post is to ask if anyone knows any resources for children about Saudi Arabia? (Or other Middle Eastern countries, I'd even be happy doing a week or two on the whole region as opposed to doing nothing.) Books, suggestions on what to cover, interesting places, good food to make, etc. would all be very welcome suggestions!! :D

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