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Want to see dd's "new" room?

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We spent Labor Day weekend redoing dd's room. She paid for the bedding, paint, and most of the new furniture herself. You can see pictures on my blog here. She still needs some new artwork for her walls and a new desk lamp, but she is really enjoying it.


Her new desk and bookcases are from IKEA. We LOVE that store.

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Very nice! And I'm so impressed that your daughter paid for most of it herself.


My dd got a room re-do last Christmas and wanted a similar color. I teased her at the time and called it the "Smurfette" room, but the color's really grown on me since then :).


Thanks for sharing!



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I can't say that she got the money by working because she gets birthday money every year from our families.


I can say that she was brainwashed by Dave Ramsey when she was in 2nd grade. Her daddy was principal of the Christian school she attended. He listened to a whole set of his conferences tapes on the way to work that year because he was teaching it in a Sunday school class. That year she started saving some of her birthday money every year.


She does a good job of spending it on only what she really wants and saving quite a bit of it.

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