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Anything else I need to take into consideration for travel outside the US with minor?

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Noone ever even looked at our son's authorization to travel when he went to China with his gymnastics team this summer.


I'd just make sure you have a detailed copy of the itinerary, plane ticket information, and a copy of her passport in your possession. And, of course, a current passport of your own in case the unthinkable occurs and you need to travel to her quickly.

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A copy of her passport kept in a different place from her real passport. Is she traveling with others?





All other important numbers, as well, like credit card, phone numbers, etc, a copy to be kept with BOTH of you;). Did you use Travelex? Did you know that they will issue you 2 cards linked to the same account in case you lose one? That way you just cancel one card and still have access to your account. Just thought that was neat!


Also, dd did not need a letter of authorization to travel out of the country, so unless specifically requested by the program, then it may not be necessary for you, either!

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DD was with a group that kept her passport once she was in South America but she kept a copy of it and some cash in a wallet thing around her neck so she would always have access to it. I think some of this depends on where she is going and where she is staying and all that good stuff. If they aren't used to keeping track of things ie big city kids they could fall asleep in an airport and all their carry ons could be gone when they wake up.

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Medical insurance card?


We printed a medical release for emergency treatment but I didn't think to attach a copy of the card. I'll add that to the list.


She is only 10, traveling with grandma, so that eliminates some of the trouble. I was amazed at all the paperwork the trains, cruise ship, ferry, etc. needed just to book her travel knowing she was a minor traveling without parents, they don't care if it is another relative, just that the parents aren't accompanying her.


I have copies of both passports, hers and her grandmothers in case anything would happen with the originals.

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