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? about emerging readers and building fluency


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I think it's good to reread as it helps to build confidence and fluency. It's also good to read a wide variety of books because that helps to expose them to new words as you build their fluency. The only problem we had with repeating books here is that dd would get frustrated because she had already read the book and didn't want to read it out loud again. Since then she's reread all those books on her own. Hope something in there helps you out :)!

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I have a child who can decode well and just needs practice to build fluency. I'm wondering if I should be having him reread the same material (say a Frog and Toad book) rather than going from book to book?


I generally have two books going at once. One at their instructional level, and one at a lower level to build fluency. I do this for several year till they are pretty fluent. My 4th grader is now doing reading for information not instruction but she is still doing fluency reading. She will be done by the end of this year though.



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I wrote this in another post a couple weeks ago:


My method: TO, WITH, BY


1. Read the book TO her

2. Read the book WITH her aloud

3. The book is read BY her 3 three times aloud to me (over the course of a day or 2)


This method builds confidence & fluency. We are using Harcourt Decodable Readers & Bob Books. I read to her often from many living books.


She just read Green Eggs & Ham yesterday. She was determined and it took ffffooooorrrrreeeevvvvveeeeerrrrr. But she did it.

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