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End of Year Testing: Particularly IOWA

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Hello-I would love for all of you, or many of you to help me understand how I might think of these tests. Overall, I'm okay with where my kids have come out on them. But the more I talk to people at times, I get concerned thinking that maybe numbers I'm okay with, I should not be okay with. Of course, I know this is all relative, and every child, situation, test, and year is unique. I just want to know what kinds of numbers you all consider "good". On the IOWA, there is a final percentage number that shows where your child lines up in a 100% range. It seems to me, that above 80 or 85 would be a good solid range. It seems also, that in the 75th or around there, would be good, but not as solid. Are there an abundant amount of homeschoolers testing much higher than this? Or is that an illusion I am creating? Thanks for helping.

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First, congratulations on your first post! It only took you a year:tongue_smilie:



Don't forget that unless you are sticking exactly to state standards or working above grade, the scores outside of core (and sometimes within) are going to vary and may not be what you would think they should be. I remember one year dd was 99%ile on everything except social studies where her score was like 55%ile b/c we hadn't studied whatever yet.


Anyways, in my single, lowly opinion, in general, I would consider 40-60%ile normal range, 60-80 good and 80+ solid scores. I realize that anything above 50%ile is above average and I also know that there are subtests with like 5 or 6 items in them. So if you miss one or 2, your %ile can drop like a rock in a vacuum.


FWIW, the state of Colorado does not consider scores a problem until they fall below 13th%ile.

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