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I'm off to clean dd's bedrooms

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At 8 and 6, I'd just oversee...it's their jobs.


I've got mine cleaning their playroom/tv room, even my 3yo is collecting trash and laundry. It's disgusting how they will live if allowed...then what they think passes as clean. Yelling "Finished!" because the vacuum is full doesn't count...then saying it again when it's clogged with guinea pig hay they didn't pick up first doesn't count!:glare:

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Mine are also expected to clean their own rooms at 8,6, and 3. My 8 and 6 year old also clean the table after eating, vacuum, keep the schoolroom cleaned up, and clean their bathroom. My kids are strange though because they actually enjoy it. They were singing while cleaning the bathroom floor and sink today!:lol:

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Well Jenni,

I'm right there with you. Sometimes a moms got to get in there and real it in! :001_smile:

I've got a big box that they have to fill up with donations, and another box for trash.

My mom always told me, "just wait, someday your kids are going to collect treasure too, and you'll have to throw their precious junk away when they're not looking."


so.. here I go

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My girls do the maintenance type stuff but I am a big control freak and occasionally, I have to get my hands in there and do it myself so it is done to my standards. We also needed to move some furniture and get a grip on all of the excess crap they have been accumulating. They just do not have Mom's editing eye. One room down with bunk beds reassembled. Tomorrow will be for the other room.

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We did the same thing today. My girls love to keep stuff. Stuff they make. Stuff someone they love gave them 3 years ago. Stuff that is falling apart. Happy meal toys, corn husk dolls, stuff stuff stuff!


We sorted a lot out and we hauled 2 full trash bags out, plus some things to pass on. WOOHOO! :party:


I'm exhausted. :svengo:

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