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Book recommendation: The Monstrumologist....

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Just wanted to offer a recommendation for an enjoyable read.


The Monstrumologist by Rick Yancey is a scary, gross, suspensful novel directed an the youth market but appealing to a wider audience.


It's a bit Frankenstein and a bit Harry Potter, well written, with engaging and unique characters.


Recommended for not a sensitive 13+ yo and adults who like this kind of thing. :001_smile:



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So, how gross is it? I read the synopsis, and I'm trying to determine if it is Frankenstein gross or Friday the 13th gross. I can handle the former, but the latter...not so much. It does sound intriguing, though.



It's more Frankenstein gross. I'm not usually a big fan of the gory stuff, but I liked the characters so much, and it was also quite wonderfully suspensful, that the gory wasn't too much.


A few scenes of bloody mayhem turn the stomach, but the scariest parts related to the suspense of the story, at least for me.:001_smile:


Check out the amazon reviews. They're pretty accurate.


The next book in the series is due out in October, and I intend on reading it right away.

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