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Poor speller

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My 9th grader is a poor speller. We had been using SWR, which has helped but at this point I am not sure if we should continue with it or not. Most of his spelling mistakes seem to be from laziness. I have him correct any mistakes and the next paper he does it again. In this day of spell check should I just let it go or keep plugging away at SWR?

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I have a poor speller too. He's in 11th. It also seems to be laziness, but he's gotten better in high school.


I think for him, it is a pain to look for mistakes. So there needs to be incentive to double-check before turning in work, either:


* Negative consequence for spelling errors. (just correcting isn't enough usually) Usually I assign extra work.

* Positive reward for very few or no errors.


In other words, it should be more work for him to *not* check than to check.


He still makes goofy spelling mistakes. At some point I think he will decide it's embarrassing to him, and he'll make the effort. If he doesn't, he'll suffer the consequences and learn the hard way and I'm fine with that!

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I have a 16 yo excellent reader/poor speller whose mistakes were not from laziness, but from the fact that she can not concentrate on spelling (the mechanics) and writing (the content) at the same time. She would spell the same word several different ways on the same page. The most dramatic improvement I have seen with her has come in the last year or so as I have let her do all her work on the computer with spell check. Not the kind that automatically fixes your mistakes, but the kind that underlines them. Simply by correcting the words she uses over and over, her spelling has come up to normal now. Huge improvement!

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