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Any one order from Universe of Science, Inc? (link)


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This fellow appears to be the manufacturer of Chemistry Bits, which I'd like to try. He looks so fatherly, and I like the no-nonsense look of the kits.


The kit arrived very quickly, and we are 4/14 done. It doesn't have "everything", like a feather or food coloring, but nothing burdensome. So far, all 4 have been a "hit", and the instructions are plainly written, so kiddo can read them, and in big enough print I don't need my readers, yea! Shining sunlight through a baggy with varying strengths of food-colored water to see the greater amount stop the passage of other colors besides red was something I'd never thought of, and kiddo was entranced. This could be fun for logic stage, and any tag alongs that won't put their fingers in their mouth. Two thumbs up.

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