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Found an old childhood friend but....

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I have looked, now and then, for a friend I had around age 14-15, who moved, and with whom I corresponded with for years. I visited her as I was passing through age 20, but moved so often after that I lost track. I looked for her on line, but she had a very common name. Recently I googled her sister's name, and she turned up living not 10 miles from me (this is 2000 miles from where I knew them), AND my friend lives 30 miles from me.


Friend was out of the country, sister came over to lunch, we had a lovely chat, and her emails are pleasant, friendly, sane and sensible. I really like her. She said her sister (my friend, remember) was "eager to get in touch" but that internet service was difficult because there was no English. So, friend is back, busy starting school (she teaches) etc, we'll get together soon. A month has passed. I have not heard from my old friend. The sister, when emailed in a chatty fashion, is chatty back, but still no email from my friend. Nor has sister given me my old friend's email, but I do know where she teaches and could email her at work.


My friend was very shy at that age, and seems to have married late in life and has cats, but no children. Would you: forget both of them, continue to visit with the nice older sister whom you like, send old friend a card, try to coax sister to set up a "girl's day" (which sister originally mentioned), other?


This family has had some real sorrows in life, and I knew their mother, who committed suicide when we were teens in a gruesome fashion. The sister was willing to discuss this and I thought we had a very nice grown-up chat about how our parents were, and life in the midwest, etc. I didn't know the brother who was killed in a freak accident, and I did meet the little sister, who is mentally disabled. I had also met dad, who died at a very ripe age last year. In my imagination, the sister was very happy to meet someone who knew the people of her past, and to talk about it, but I wonder if my friend does not want to.


I'm bad at "girl stuff". Any ideas on what to do? I'd so like to see her again.

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I think you are just going to have to jump in and find out. It probly has nothing to do with you...maybe just life in general right now :)


I had a friend like this...chatted with her sister on FB, finally got in touch with her, but no real contact...and then late one night we both happened to be on fb and had a long heartfelt discussion. It was just a timeing thing :)

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She may be very busy with the start of the school year. Time may be slipping away and she may not have noticed how much time has passed.


It's funny you ask this now. I sent a dear childhood friend a letter years go, four I believe, and never heard back from her. I figured she didn't want to reconnect because maybe she remembered when I made more and more friends as we got older and she remained shy. She had friends, but I had many, and I dated, and we just kind of slipped away, albeit unintentionally.


Well, TONIGHT, within the past 20 minutes or so, we finally reconnected! But she had actually contacted me in March! She had sent me an email which I never received and she finally contacted me through classmates.com. I didn't sign up to see who sent me an email until last night. I paid the fee, found her email from MARCH, and responded to her. Now that I had her married name, again (I had lost it years ago) I found her on facebook (something I rarely used until recently) and just minutes ago she confirmed me as a friend and sent me a quick note!


I'm excited to see what's going on with her. There's something about reconnecting with childhood friends. It's almost as if we never parted. That's been my experience anyway. It's happened quite a bit since I signed up to receive reunion notices, and I have enjoyed it.


I'd say to keep trying. I would send her the email from work. Her sister said she was eager to connect, so I'd believe this and move forward. If you send her an email at work and don't hear from her, that's another story. It can be tricky, though, because I don't always receive my emails.



Try. At least you will have known you did!

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Well, I'd take the bull by the horns and ask the sister if she thought it would be a good idea for me to contact my friend. If not, why not. If so, hand over the email address and/or telephone number.


Thanks for the permission. I wrote sister asking if something was wrong, and got a reply from friend who sounded just as off the cuff, funny, and giggly as I recall. I'm so excited!

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Thanks for the permission. I wrote sister asking if something was wrong, and got a reply from friend who sounded just as off the cuff, funny, and giggly as I recall. I'm so excited!


Yeah! It can be a lot of fun to reconnect. I finally tracked down my bff from middle school. We were close for several years and stayed in touch until our late teens via the phone when I moved away.


I was so excited to talk to her, but it seems like her life didn't really turn out like she hoped. We talked for about 10 minutes, found a dead silence in our conversation, when we realized we have absolutely nothing in common now. We hung up with well wishes for each other, but neither of us vowed to keep in touch.


It was nice to finally put a story with her memory, but I wish it was a better one for her to tell. :0/




Just this week, my bff from highschool contacted my hubby on Facebook (I deleted my account). I'm so very excited to talk to him, but due to the previous experience, I am almost reluctant. His face book page didn't have any pix or mention of his son and wife (was married or close to it, the last time I talked to him 10-15yrs ago when we were in out mid 20's) so unless they are very cautious about identities, I suspect they may no longer be together. I know he is a prison gaurd (he is a huge (!) man) so I imagine he is quite imposing with the confidence of a guard in stead of a silly teenager. I will call him next weekend I think.



I am happy you have found your friend. It is nice to have a story to share with people. I think we are so spread apart as a culture, that we forget many of the fun stories that we forget. It can be so nice to talk to someone and get reminded of those stories and people that we once shared out lives with.

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