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My county K curriculum


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So I worry, and worry that we won't cover what K is teaching, we'll fall behind, this is a trial, etc...Parents here have told me different things from K class teaches almost nothing, to actually teaching stuff. So I checked our county K curriculum (they are revising it though). Here it is for ps-

Math-#'s to 20

greater than/less than to 20

word problems w/ pics for +/- to 20

shapes-2 and 3 dimensional, position

measuring, weights


calendar, time


recognize words in a sentence

letters from words and separate sounds in a sentence

match print to speech

parts of a book and how to read it

letters of the alphabet

auditory something about picking out words in a sentence

identify, blend and segment syllables

3 letter words -cvc

decode words via isolation in context (cvc)

create grade app vocab

understanding a story, creating one w/ pictures

editing for knowledge



gravity, day/night, sun, moon, 5 senses, plants/animals and how they differ from a book to real life

Health-recognizing danger stickers/signs, how to tell if not well etc


So, I think I have nothing to worry about really. I was trying to find a breakdown and chart it out so I could show dh that "look, this is K curric, and this is what we know" type of thing. Florida has a new math program, created specifically for Florida tests, so reading through everything was a bit much. The LA program broke down pretty easy, though from what a lot of parents/tchrs tell me, they don't do all of it. I've been told, they teach as a group, and if it goes over the kids heads, then so be it. The split into small groups and try to catch up then.

Anyhow, I'm a bit less stressed. Though, I don't know what's covered in private schools.

I thought it worth for anyone stressing out, to check out your county grade program and see what they are wanting to cover.

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It's the same for the state I think. New standards being started. My cousin is a tchr a county over, and she said she was in charge of teaching the new math the week before school started. The week before!

Anyhow, you select curriculum, then what you want in the drop down boxes. It's a bit annoying, and really, you only have to read the titles of each Bright Idea level, though clicking on each one will give an example of the course (like in one for math, it says that kids use pictures to see addition).

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I gave the main page-oops


This has the math set in I think-if you scroll down, you can click on each grade for an overview. But you can just change what you want to look at in the drop bar. I was trying to find when they start division. I'm trying to find a math program that will work for us, but I have to make sure I cover what each grade does as well, or exceed it, and not make my child crazy. I feel like I'm going to seriously screw up math, well h/s in general some days.

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Many states, including mine, are updating standards right now because they adopted the nationwide core standards this summer. Florida has adopted them (July 27) and my state did as well.


I don't think that list is Core Standards for K so I'd expect they will change them soon to mirror what's on the web for Core Standards in K.




I don't think it matters though. You're better off relaxed and following the lead of your child at that age I think!

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