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poor 9th grade math student, help!

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My 9th grade dc seems to do poorly in every different approach we have tried with math.

I'm sure my "trying different programs" is part of the trouble but I can't change any of that now.


I truly don't know what to do, and I am a terrible math student so I'm not much help, which is fine to dc they don't want my help anyway.


How can I redeem dc's highschool math years? Help help!!


Do I get a tutor? Dc did try the Aleks Math sample today but I'm not sure about this approach either, I have making math meaningful Algebra waiting on the shelf. I thought this book would really help to explain the reasoning behind algebra?


I wish I had a friend to call who could give me some advice, I don't know what to do and I don't want to keep shortchanging dc for the next few years.



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The Teaching Company just had a big sale. My dd has struggled with gaps in her math because of a couple of bad experiences, so I got her the Basic Math dvds to go through to help fill in the gaps. This guy is GREAT! He explains the hows and whys and it makes so much more sense. She's really appreciating this before heading on in Algebra! It's not on sale now though. I recommend this highly!



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You may wish to supplement TT with something else such as Key to Algebra or different curriculum to be sure he's really getting it.


However, before starting Algebra I'd be sure that he is very strong on fractions. After our experience with TT I would not use it by itself. While it has its strengths there are inherent weaknesses in it even though there are some people who have done well with it alone on testing (that is strictly anecdotal and it hasn't been out long enough for it to be a proven resource.) My eldest hated it, but my middle one is doing it along with Foerster's.


All of my dc have, are or will be doing Algebra 1 twice and they are mathy dc. I strongly recommend doing this, even if it means using 3 programs because you wish to do TT. My middle one did LoF Beginning Algebra first. My eldest did other things.

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