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Which Math (LoF) to Use With Fraction-Phobic SixthGrader?


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DD is way smart. Wicked smart. Also: not driven, lacking in concentration and study skills. This is why we're HSing this year.


While I'm waiting on resources to arrive (and - yes - I'm not quite decided yet on which Life of Fred to start her with, which is the key issue here), I've been giving her worksheets generated on MathUSee. She's great with the basics - addition, subtraction, times tables, etc. But she's kind of freaking out with fractions.


Which is leading me to believe maybe she's not quite ready for PreAlgebra. Perhaps starting her with Fractions and Decimals is a better solution?


What sayeth the Hive Mind?

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I would start with the Fractions book, then do the Decimal & Percents book. She most likely will get through both books during the school year (if not sooner). When she finishes these I would start the Pre-Algebra books. The Pre-Algebra books occasionally make references to the Fractions and Decimals & Percents books, so there is review happening.

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