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For those doing the filling system - Funny little side note


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I've been following the idea a little and thought to incorporate some of the ideas to see how they would work for us. We are still waiting for half of our books and in the mean time we are using photo copies of a borrowed copy. I haven't done any workbook type of curriculum in the past. Mostly Sonlight, Charlotte Mason, SOTW where we just make photo copies if we need a worksheet type of item.


Anyway, yesterday as we were doing grammer, I said to my daughter (9 1/2)," It will be so nice to have the workbooks so we don't have to keep making copies." She agree with me and then I said something about they will still be single pages as I was going to rip them out (knowing I wanted to try to file them by week).


She then said, " NO! I've never had a workbook! I want to be able to write in it."


Anyway, I just thought that was funny. Kind of changed my plans also. :)

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