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Classical Ed, History rotation.. a??


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So.. I am trying hard to follow the Classical Approach to schooling with some limited success.. perhaps it's because I was not schooled this way.. or perhaps it's because ODS did have some public school..


So, we are pulling out the WWE texts again.. and reverting back to STOW..


We finished STOW Ancients last year (grade 3) which is way out of sync with the model..I guess we should have done Early Modern..


This year I wanted to do American History.. and we started out with a certain program but I felt it was a bit disjointed.. so I've reworked it to fit with SOTW 3.. supplementing the American History parts with what I have (using History Odyssey as a framework).. On paper it looks like it will work..


BUT.. I now have a first grader.. she should be in Ancients..


THe whole flow is all messed up.. is having them both do Early Modern going to screw them up...??


If I can keep both kids on similar history cycles it makes my life a bit less chaotic...


I thought this year Early Modern..



Next year Middle ages or Later Modern?


Year after that.. whatever we didn't choose for the prior year (so either Middle ages or Later Modern..


Year after that Ancients again..??




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I suggest that you read both of these articles: http://www.welltrainedmind.com/older-child/




This quote specifically addresses one of your questions:

If you have children who are not yet school aged, begin your oldest child with the Ancients and “fold in” the younger children as they come along. This might mean that a first-grader will do Late Renaissance / Early Modern (1600-1850) as her first year of history, because her older brother is now in third grade and has already done the Ancient and Medieval / Early Renaissance years in first and second grade. That’s perfectly all right.


Have fun!

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ok.. so I /should/ have done medieval this year..ack..


Do you think it will all work out if we continue with Early Modern, then do Late Modern and then start again or should I just can early Modern and rework everything.. again.. and do Middle Ages?


Which would really stink because I've lined up really cool field trips and education enrichment to correspond with American History





oh I should add we are also doing Chemistry.. which corresponds with Early Modern.. and I cannot bag that and switch it to something else at this point..

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I never read the article about what to do if you start late, so last year was our first year and Thing 1 would've been a 3rd grader based on his age, and Thing 2 would've been in kindergarten (but academically can do much older work, at least if there's not a lot of actual writing - I told him he was a first grader). We started with ancients. We're doing Middle Ages this year (so a 4th grader and 2nd grader). I figured I would keep up this schedule until I think Thing 1 is caught up to the increased level of work needed for that second trip thru (Ancients Level 2 - we're using HO as well). IF that means that he's off for a little while, then so what.


As someone else told me, he's still probably going to end up getting a better history education than he would in public school, and he'll get caught up soon enough. And if he doesn't get thru all 4 time periods three times, that's not the end of the world.


We were slow starters on history mainly because THing 1 has SID and needed a good year of Occupational Therapy. He's also VERY resistant to change, so we've been doing a very relaxed homeschooling transition so that he can manage it better. I also thought schooling would be easier once he could read better, something that only happened the end of this past school year.

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I'm thinking and thinking about this.. and wondering if I'm shooting myself in the foot.. jumping from Ancients to Early Modern.. when a more logical step would have been Middle Ages..


I CAN switch it again.. I have SOTW 2 it's just a matter of redoing the files and books.. it's a few nights work.. but that's ok.. then we just use SOTW 3 next year.. and I have all the books for that.. so.. I'm thinking the most logical thing is to step back to middle ages...and keep Chemistry...I'm not redoing that lol..

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I skipped Middle Ages. lol I am not worried about it as long as we do one cycle in order before graduation.


I read that article to mean that it didn't matter that much.

There’s nothing sacred about this four-year division. We like it because it allows the child to study history once at each skill level, while still giving enough time for the child to absorb information (going through history any more quickly is almost impossible!). If you’re starting with an older child, you can follow one of several methods:
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