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Galileoscope---Do you like it?

Poke Salad Annie

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Guest danieray

I have one and think it's a great scope! I like that it's a kit that gets assembled and that it has three different lens configurations. The 25x eyepiece is great for viewing the moon. My nieces even enjoy using it to look at far away earth objects (trees, etc). The 50x eyepiece is great for viewing Jupier & it's moons and Saturn's rings! You have to get used to using it's finder point on the top. It really helps find objects when you're using the 50x eyepiece. I've never actually used the 17x eyepiece because it's meant more as a lesson on how Galileo viewed stars and shows hot difficult it was for him. You will definitely want a tripod when using the scope! Another nice accessory is the diagonal kit that Learning Encounters is selling.


Anyways, it really is a nice beginner scope! :D

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