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Please share what are you using for 3rd grade Grammar & Writing?


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CLE LA 3, CLE Reading 3 and a daily 4 sentence summary of a bible story from the R&S Bible 3 reader


You can read all the CLE posts on why I love it


For the writing - right now we're just focusing on pencil to paper. We'll build up to a page summary a day. Nothing fancy. Later in the year I will use Imitations in Writing Fables for writing.

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Would you please share what you are using or have used for 3rd grade Grammar and Writing and the pros and cons of each?


Thanks you for your time.


Grammar-none! We cover a lot of grammar later, just don't need to do it now.

Writing: WWE Easy to use, and works.



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Guest ME-Mommy

I've used a lot of stuff over the years with 3 different kids...but the program I liked the most (and still use) is Shurley Grammar.


There are 5 assignments/week -- with the fifth assignment generally involving some type of journal writing.


My kids enjoy the jingles and they have learned/retained a lot more than with other programs.

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We are using Phonics Road Level 3. We got through Level 2 last year but this year I think we'll only get through half of Level 3.

Pros: Very thorough, explains grammar well - even I get it now!

Cons: Very teacher intensive and time consuming which is why we are only doing half a days work in one day. Half the scheduled work still takes us an hour.

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MCT...which we just started, so I can't say much beyond I like how it looks. This is my fun new curriculum choice for the year. We were giggling over it today, so we are enjoying it so far.


IEW SWI A - this we will do for the first month or two of school.


When we finish IEW...


For writing:

We will switch into TOG Writing Aids and various supplements I have on hand. I will probably still have her use some IEW ideas in her assignments.

Supplementing with WWE2 - I use this partly to help with comprehension because of the idea of the child learning to keep the material in his/her mind.


For grammar:


I will also add Shurley 3 which we will take two years to complete and we will probably only do the grammar portion.


Sounds like a lot of curricula, but I use them for different reasons. If only someone would combine these approaches into one curriculum--but no one has, so I'm doing it myself. :001_smile:





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R&S plus: Writing Aids, my own instruction, copywork + dictation, Writing Strands


R&S PROS: solid program, especially when used in conjunction with all levels in elementary school

CONS: boring like the desert is dry and hot, even when used in halves


Writing Aids - PROS gentle, but efficient; often associated with history lessons; comes with nice teacher instruction and grading rubics


cons: I wanted a little more structure in my presentation and the expectations for my students. We'll return to WA in high school, after we complete Write Shop


Copywork + dictation PROS: does develop nice sentence writing and memory skills; however, we needed more instruction on actual sentence formation and paragraph compilation


Writing strands: seemed easy to follow directions, but never got our interest or inspired us to be better writers


NOW, I use the Phonics Road and I love it. PROS: Grammar is thorough and introduction through writing covers dictation and outstanding instruction in parts of speech. It introduces outlining, note taking, researching, summarization and paragraph structure.


CONS: You really have to cover the breadth of the program over the years in order to reap the full benefits, as it truly builds a student to becoming an outstanding writer. (One could get a solid bit of grammar from any of the years as a stand alone subject area.) If you can stay patient, it is SO IMPRESSIVE, but many people might see building process as a con. It's also very costly, although I find it worth every penny and then some.

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I used Abeka for 3rd grade grammar and Writing Strands for writing. I liked Abeka but I found the way instructions were given in WS was confusing to my dd, so I switched to Rod & Staff when ds hit 3rd. R&S has a lot of writing in it, so I don't add a formal curriculum to it, but we do writing projects from readwritethink.org that I find interesting. Right now we're working on a persuasive writing paper for example.

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