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Praise for OPG to Teaching Reading to a Fidgety Boy

Parkway Academy

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We are about a week into using The Ordinary Parent's Guide to Teaching Reading for our kindergarten phonics program. My five year old stepson, who happens to be extremely fidgety, apparently loves it.


When I pulled out the book this morning, his exact quote, with a giant smile on his face, was, "Oooh, yes! Reading! So I'm going to learn another vowel today?"


He rocks his body to the rhythm of the letter sound rhymes. It's super cute.


Thank you, Jessie Wise! :)


Heather Rae

Former elementary teacher - Currently wife and mom

DS8 - FLL3, WWE3, Spelling Power, English from the Roots Up, Prima Latina, Math Mammoth, SOTW 1, WTM Life Science, MindWare Grid Perplexors, Discovering Great Artists, Drawing with Children

DS5 - OPGTTR, MCP Math, SOTW 1, WTM Life Science, MindWare Logic Links, Discovering Great Artists, Drawing with Children

DD2 - Alphabet and numbers (her refrigerator magnet letters are her favorite toy), loving anything older brother is learning and doing in kindergarten

DD1 - Crawling, smiling, playing, and eating everything

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It's been great for my son too. I think because the lessons aren't so long. (now...if I could just get him to quit taking the magnetic letters and loosing them).


While I'm on this subject. I gotta share my week's accomplishment.


One one of the walls in his room (which he had pulled the paint off of years ago), I made a magnetic wall so we could do our phonics lessons there. I went to Lowe's and bought about 8 hurricane strips (they're shaped like a ruler, but made of metal and have a few holes cut in them). I got some flat-headed metal tacks and tacked the strips onto the walls in horizonal lengths. I made 4 ROWS (took 2 hurricane strips per ROW) (each strip is about 14" in length) so when I put the strips side by side they made a 28+ inch strip. Again, I made four rows then I took a piece of flat wallpaper (the kind that doesn't require PASTE) and I put it OVER this magnetic section. So....you can barely see the strips UNDER the paper, but you can tell where to stick the magnetic letters. We sit here and do our phonics lesson. The bottom two ROWS hold all the letters and the top two are "blank" for us to make our various sounds/words. It looks neat and he and I LOVE it. (but you have to have an old house like ours where "anything goes" with your walls) :D.

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