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Our 3rd Day, and I am absolutely DRAINED


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The day was going well until this afternoon--MATH, then my oldest son had a total Math Meltdown. I usually set a timer, but Today He just absolutely REFUSED to get it done.


Sooo.....This Evening--We are ordering Take Out, and I am going to hide in our bedroom and watch Vampire Diaries while Hubby sits with my son and makes sure the Math gets finished. I will prob dip into my Chocolate supply as well...lol :)


Stacy in Ks.

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I try to remember that it takes the kids at least 4 days to get into the swing of things. That first week is crazy around here, then things start evening out. Taking care of yourself is a great idea! Hang in there and Good luck!


It took us a month! :lol:


I've also found math goes much better if we finish it before lunch...and I've dealt with lots of meltdowns too. :blush:

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We are going on our 5th year now, and for us..Math is always better in the afternoon-after lunch. I like to save it for last.


I am Seriously considering year round...I really think it would be better for my oldest.


We're thinking the same thing. It would help the us all to not have to get used to the system again after months off.

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