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I just about died of happiness

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when ds said to me today,


"Mom, I have the best life a guy could want. I have the best mom ever and all the good Legos!"




I think I'll remind him of that the next time he tries to get out of writing.


That is so sweet :001_smile: I think you should write that down and save it. You may want to get it out and read it someday for encouragement if the kids are being hard on you when they are older. :tongue_smilie:

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When Zee was six, he wrote a message for me on his magna doodle. I believe it went, 'I love my Mommy. I love her more than I can live.' I cried. Then I made him hold it while I took a picture, since it was going to be erased, and I needed proof for when he's older. :)

Ohhh, that is so cool. Good for you that you took a picture of it.

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