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Singapore Science: Interactive Science A (7th grade) supplies


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I'll admit it: I used this WITH the Practical Workbook with my dd, and I plan to do it again with ds. As far as I could tell at the time, there are NO LISTS out there for supplies needed, so I'm going to share my list with y'all.


I first had to buy the books, then read through them and collect on my own all the supplies needed to do some of the experiments. They cost a lot, so I didn't get all of them, and I bought them a little at a time. (I have more this time around than I did the first time) I didn't buy *anything* related to their technology experiments (eg digital probes of any sort or data loggers or any computer stuff of any kind) except a digital multi-meter which my husband already owned. So here's the list. I hope it helps someone.


Singapore Interactive Science A

(7th Grade General Science)


Retort stand with rings and arms, bunsen burner.

Yeah, right! Instead, buy this one kit from HST which includes an alcohol burner with stand:


You will have to buy alcohol at the home improvement store. It can be found in the paint section as it is used with other chemicals there as a stripper.



Here's the supplies you may want to have for this course (only listing those not included in above kit):

Beakers (get at least 6 150 ml beakers for experiments calling for several same-sized containers), displacement can (overflow can), petri dishes, additional test tubes, multimeter (my husband bought one for house tinkering project), sculpey clay (“plasticine†in book), magnets, evaporating dish, extra droppers, and small supplies & chemicals listed below.

Microscope (Sonlight Ultra is best deal for quality I’ve found hands down)


Microscope supplies: slides, coverslips, iodine, Methylene Blue & Red, Forceps (tweezers), lense paper and filter paper. You don’t need prepared slides until high school biology. You can buy a basic kit from either Sonlight or HST:

All you *really* need until high school biology: http://www.hometrainingtools.com/microscope-slide-making-kit/p/MS-KIT04/

Measuring Equipment:

Scale: (choose the one right for you and your family)

q http://www.hometrainingtools.com/platform-scale-450-g-capacity/p/BS-SCALEDT/ (cheap, similar to what’s used for Apol Chem)

q http://www.hometrainingtools.com/digital-scale-200-g-x-001-g/p/BS-DB0200/ (reasonable, digital, accurate, compact, nice cover built in)

q http://www.hometrainingtools.com/triple-beam-balance--2610-g/p/BS-2610/ (a little pricier, space hog, but high quality, good to know how to use)

Vernier Calipers:


Plus: a measuring tape, ruler, and meter stick (find one at home improvement store)

Household items: chalk, sugar cubes, toothpics (round), rubber bands, masking tape, batteries, barley grains (may be able to substitute other whole grains), thread etc.


Chemicals: (all of these are available individually from HST)

Hydrochloric acid

Benedict’s solution

Cupric chloride (Copper II)

Sodium hydroxide

Copper sulfate


Iron filings (included in SL NSK)

Methyl Orange

Eosin Y (included in most microscope supply kits)

Methylene Blue (included in most microscope supply kits)

Universal Indicator

Calcium hydroxide

Potassium Nitrate

Zinc (small ribbon)

Sulfuric acid

Nitric acid

Ethanoic acid

Magnesium ribbon

Copper carbonate

Sodium carbonate

Potassium hydroxide

Other small supplies:

Filter paper

Litmus paper

Universal indicator papers


Styrofoam balls

Copper wire & aligator clips

Safety equipment:

Safety goggles


Since most of us will NOT be installing a vent hood, remember that some experiments may need to be done (or demonstrated) out of doors on a good weather day (no wind, no rain, moderate temps, bright light)


Obviously you could substitute household items for SOME of the supplies here (such as drinking glasses for beakers if not using heat, salad plates for petri dishes, etc.).

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