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Sewing help... please tell me!


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I have decided to crochet a pretty border on flannel blankets for my grandbabies.


I have a regular sewing machine, though. So, how do I make holes for my crochet hook? I have the tiny-ish hooks and the right thread... I do not have overlock.


I could sew right sides together, leave an opening and turn it and top stitch around the edge and go from there... that way the edges are not fraying...

but that seems like a lot of work... but I don't want frayed edges, either...


What would you do? (the edging) And how would I make the holes? (would I take my embroidery needle and just go in and out along the edge?)


Thanks a bunch!!

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I just made a whole bunch of these for my newest grandson.


I put the two pieces of flannel wrong sides together and serged around the edges.




I then bought a Winge needle with the flanges on both sides of the needle.

I put my machine on the widest/farthest apart zig zag stitch and sewed around the edges without any thread in the machine. That put the outside of the zig zag into the serged area and the inside hole is the one I used for the crochet. I kept a large eyed hand sewing needle with me as I put the first round of stitching in the blanket as sometimes the holes would close up a tad.


I would probably use a zigzag stitch to keep the edges from unravling if I didn't have a serger.


I don't think I would turn them inside out and sew . You will end up with too much fabric at that seam line where you are trying to poke holes to crochet thru.



Here is a couple of websites I used for inspiration.





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