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Recipezaar Change to Food.com--Arghhh!

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Recipezaar used to be my first stop when I was hunting for new recipes but I've been incredibly frustrated with it since the changeover to Food.com. The recipes are still there (as far as I can tell) but it slow as molasses to load, the useful search by ingredient feature is gone (or at least I can't find it), and the drop down menu that allows searching by rating, relevancy, etc. is far slower than the old version and I used that constantly.


I'm on the search for a new favorite recipe site. What works well for you?

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I use Epicurious quite a lot and have for several years. Another good site for recipes (not as many tho) is the Food Network site, esp. Alton Brown and Ina Garten's recipes.


In general, I'd say Allrecipes is the closest sub for Recipezaar.


I am right there with you on the Recipezaar change. I don't like the new site at all, and the name change is lame. I think they've lost a good number of their mods due to the changes.

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Um. I didn't know about Food.com before this thread. Now I'm mildly addicted :blushing:. I rarely went to recipezaar (because I didn't like the layout at all) and usually opted for allrecipes, but now...well, my family's belly thanks you, but that's about it.



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