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2 week vacation, and whole family staying for a week in October. How would you plan?

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To start with I have chronic pain from muscle spasms in my back. They get to the point that my arms and legs also get tight and won't relax. Stress is the worst thing for them, so I have to plan things and do them slowly, and resist procrastinating at all costs! :tongue_smilie:



I have no regulations in my State but I do want to get 36 good weeks of school in before next July, and not be stressed. By the time I go on vacation next week we will have 3 weeks done.


But then our vacation is 2 weeks long, and I get back with just 2 weeks to go until I have my brother and sil and their family staying for a week. We will also be having the BIG family get together of the year at that time at my house. All aunts, uncles, siblings, grandparents, etc. will be coming out to my house.


My house is no where near houseguest and family ready. I need to take a few loads of "stuff" to Goodwill and do some mean organizing!


But we are just getting into the swing of school and things are going well with my boys. They are doing a good load of school work, and I don't want to take what could end up being a month long break for both vacation AND getting the house perfect. The boys are 6.5 and 8, so it's not like they are in high school, but they are just now getting into a good swing of things after Summer break.


My Mom is going to be staying in her travel trailer right outside my house the week or so before the rest of the family gets here. She can help out, but she can't really do the kind of clean out I need to do. It's not Hoarders bad, but it is cluttered and disorganized thanks to my back slowing me down.:glare:


So I'm thinking of a plan of action.


Do I take school with us to Colorado? Minimal School? and then take the weeks before October 11th off?


Do I have my Mom help the boys with school while I do clean out?


Do I come back early to get a big clean out while DH is still off of work? It seems a bummer to not take the entire vacation. :glare: But maybe I should ask for DH to take the kids camping in our pop up in a State park for a night or two while my Mom and I start the big clean out.


There are just too many options, and I'm a tad overwhelmed. I need some opinions and a :chillpill:


Anyway, thanks for listening to me, and I welcome any advice. :D

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