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Grammar dilemma

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My 15 yr old is working through the Rod and Staff 8th grade book. She has been using this curriculum since 3rd grade. Yesterday we searched some ACT and SAT tests and looked at the grammar sections. She was very discouraged. She felt like all this grammar she has been doing should have been enough to answer most of the questions correct.


Do you have any suggestions? I have thought about getting a grammar rules book and letting her read that and work through some kind of editing curriculum.



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Just get an SAT prep book and have her do the grammar section. Most common misses involve sentence fragments, punctuation, and misplaced modifiers. Parallelism is in there, too.

Go thru the Princeton Review book and see how she does (pretest, study, posttest). Then work on those sections.

You can get a book of "real" SATs from previous years for lots of practice, but they may not explain the answers.

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