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Printer/scanner combos

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My printer/scanier/copier is a little old. Dh swears it's the one I bought before our son was born. I think he may be right, lol.


I noticed a brand new one for sale at $59.99!! I paid at least double that for my old one. It uses a different ink....supposedly has more print than my current ink.


So I am considering getting a new one. Any brand/model you like and could recommend? I don't want to buy the cheapest thing out there. I need copier/scanner/printing but no fax. How much does the ink cost for your model and how many prints do you get?


thanks for your recommendations :-)

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I bought my HP F4235 about 6 months ago - I think it was around $50. The ink is cheap (around $14 for the the b/w, I think) and it says it prints 200 pages. It seems to do pretty close to 200 pages, especially if print "fast drafts". The cons of it are...it's loud, it's a little slow, you can only make 3 copies of something at a time, and most annoyingly - it shoots the pages all over the place after it prints them.

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Whatever you do, don't get a Kodak! We, and several people we know, all got those because of the cheap ink. Don't fall for it. The printing is awful to begin with, but I could have lived with that, since I only use it for school stuff and not photos. But none of them lasted more than a few months before they completely stopped working. Check reviews at Amazon.


I am now using a Canon I got at Walmart for somewhere around 39.00 and so far, I love it. Actually, we have two of them. Great little psc for what I need it for. Not sure how it would do for photos.

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I just bought a used Canon pixma mp780 off Craigslist. I love it. I did some research since I wanted a machine I could easily and cheaply refill. On one ink refilling forum, Canon machines were highly recommended. There are some older Canons which do not have a microchipped cartridge (a chipped cart you have to reset in order to refill). The multipurpose machines recommended were the Canon pixma mp 750, 760, and 780. If you just wanted a printer, they recommended a pixma ip 3000, 4000, or 5000. These were the models I shopped for on Craigslist until something came up. There are other models with a microchip that were recommended as well, but I don't know the numbers since I wasn't shopping for that kind of machine. If you are interested in refilling, I think you should look into getting a Canon...



I got a lot of help and info on this forum:



By the way, I have NOT had good experiences with Lexmark printers, and newer HPs. So, I would not recommend them. :(

Hope this helps. :)

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The new ones are junk, compared to the old ones. We have four printer/scanner/copier combos (three HPs and an Epson), and my absolute favorite is the HP we got in 2000. It literally hums as it prints, and it's solid. The new ones shake, rattle, and roll all over the place. Sure, they only cost between 59 and 99 dollars, but the ink costs almost the same amount. They're made of cheap components, packed in a cheap case. The feed rollers wear out. The Epson takes f o r e v e r to make a copy. When I need a copy, I go downstairs to use the old one.


If your old printer is working, don't replace it. They don't make them like they used to.



ETA: I'm not saying you shouldn't try the new one. Just don't throw away your old one. You may like it better! :o)

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I have an ancient HP laser. It belonged to a school district before me, and has used the same toner since 2005 or before, and just recently needed to be replaced. Then I use a separate scanner. Of course I have given up the option for color photos, but for 5 years that has been doable for us. In a dream world I'd want an all in one laser color copier/scanner/print/fax. But I'd rather have my monochrome laser then a color inkjet ;) LOL

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