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Vocabulary Journal/Notebook?


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I'm looking for ideas for a notebook we could use/create with various vocabulary words.


I'm thinking of something like SWR's primary learning log notebook but for vocabulary words.


I'd be happy with preformatted notebooking pages too. We could just keep the completed pages in a binder.


If I were to make one of our own, should I order the words alphabetically? or by subject? by subject alphabetically?


I'm thinking something very simple where he can write the word, do copywork of the definition and maybe draw or glue a picture if inspired to do so.


Thanks! :001_smile:

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Thanks Nansk. :)


I also found something at currclick that gave me more information to ponder.




I prefer notebooking, but an index card system might be easier to search through as it grows. We could alphabetize and have different colors for different subjects and it would be a very easy system to implement.

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Yes. Actually I came back to this thread because I was pondering over your other question (how to organize the words) and I thought of the same thing - organize them alphabetically, but print the notebooking page on papers of different colours by subject.


I will download that free product you linked to. Thanks!



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