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joannqn -- did you move yet?

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Unfortunately, no. The owner remembered that the septic system hadn't been updated when they remodeled and added on (it used to be a 20x20 cabin). He checked with the county to verify what septic system it had and whether it could support our family. It has a one bedroom septic; there's no way that it can handle 6 people.


But, DH has decided that we are definitely moving. We just have to find a place that meets our needs and will accept our financial issues...


Self-employed 1.5 years (many places want at least 2 years)


Low income but can afford higher rent than most calculations suggest. By our income, most would probably not accept more than $$750-900 a month but we've paid $1300 for years without ever missing a payment.


If the bank doesn't accept a short-sale or deed in lieu of foreclosure, our currently excellent credit will be destroyed so we want something long term...until our credit recovers. The cabin's owner is willing to check financial records on any rentals we are interested in so we don't move into some place at risk of foreclosing out from under us.


So, we are still looking. We just got word about the septic yesterday.

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I don't know if the owner is open to ideas but we have friends who live on a lake and are not allowed to have a septic at all. They have all water from sinks/showers go into a holding tank that gets emptied once/month. For toilets, they have a propane toilet. I don't know what it's called but it when you need to use the potty, you put a little liner in the bowl. After you're done, you close it and pull a lever. The liner and its contents drops into a different chamber and is incinerated. Our friends just have a small (50 or 100 gal) propane tank outside the bathroom.


Just a thought.

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It's great to hear from you! Not so great about the septic issues at the cabin.

Can you try a rent-to-own arrangement? I would think some people would go for this right now if they cannot sell their house in this repressed market.

So the cabin is out, you know what this means, right??? Something better will come along!!!!

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