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Making written goals

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Hello everyone,


I realize I need to make written goals. My ideas (and interests) are all over the place and I need to buckle down and make "big picture" goals - visions for the next decade or so - as well as short term goals. I hope that'll help me focus and eliminate things which aren't in line with what's important.


Yet, just the thought of writing goals seems so daunting. How can I start? Do you have any resource suggestions which have helped you make written goals?


Thanks, Emily

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DISCLAIMER: this is my first year homeschooling and it has not started out w/ any goals being set or mission statements defined. With that said, I have a book that seems to me a great one for goal setting for your children, yourself and for every aspect of your homeschool. It is titled "Homeschooling and Loving It! Creating Your Best Homeschooling Year Ever" by Rebecca Kochenderfer. It is set up in a "workbook" style so she asks great questions (you have to stop and really think about) and guides you through the process of thinking about and setting goals. I just have to sit down and take some time to go through the process...but I love what I see in the book. :) Hope that helps! AngieE

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I actually had dh and dds help. I told dh I needed a clearer picture of things and asked him to write a list of expectations and goals and it helped to read through what he wrote. I even had dds write a list of their goals and things they wanted to accomplish in the next year. We read through everyone's ideas and it gave me a much clearer idea of the directions I wanted to take -and it was fun! Some of them took us in a direction that was unexpected (older dd trying out ps - but she's coming back home Monday and has learned that hs'ing is way better than previously thought) but I think its something we might do once a year from now on.

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