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I don't even know Doran, but...

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these thread titles are irresistable. (I hope this doesn't offend anyone, that is SO not my intent.)


How to stop thumb sucking?

Take your thumb out of your mouth.


How can I get her to write faster?

Tell her to start by writing a letter "f". Then add an "a"..."s"..."t"..."e"..."r". It might take a while, but don't worry, she'll get there. :)


Spelling question



need your opinion on giant chalkboard

You know, I'm always happy to share my opinion, but wouldn't it be ok to write it on a little slate? A giant chalkboard would make me feel too much like Glenn Beck.


Are you a control freak??

Yes. Now sit down, be quiet, and do as you're told!


So how do you start your day??

I always make sure to wake up.


Anyone ever taken

And if so, were you returned promptly and in good condition?


What would you do in this situation?

I think I would apologize profusely for abusing other people's thread titles, and then stop doing it. (Sorry!)

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