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Somebody's gonna get hurt...

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...if my neighbor doesn't stop chainsawing. He is right off of my back patio. This is the hobby he chose in his retirement. Why can't he whittle? My dh asked him to not do this hour after hour and he stopped for awhile but there he goes again. I am losing my mind! I had to shut up the house just so we could do school. Oh, his property goes back 300 feet but he likes chainsawing right next to my house. He is wearing headphones to protect his ears but we are not so lucky. I want to live far from people!: ok. I feel better. Just had to rat on him to someone. Thanks!

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All I can offer is sympathy. One of our neighbors has decided he's a Chainsaw Artist, so he spends most of the summer (and he is, natch, an early bird) working on his creations. His stuff isn't awful, if you like that sort of thing, but how many toilet paper holders shaped like bears does anybody really need?

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Are there any noise restrictions in your neighborhood? Could you contact local law enforcement and tell them you fear the noise is damaging your children's hearing?


I would goto your local municipality and file a noise ordinance complaint. Or else try the police department and see what they say. Once in a while is one thing. Day after day after day is grating.


When we were in our last house, our next door neighbors hired someone to reroof their house with a complete tear down. It took this guy 2 months to do it and the entire time he BLASTED his radio. It was the height of summer with no central air and we had to keep our windows shut all summer if we wanted any peace and quiet. It was one hot summer. Man did I hate that summer.

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