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Blender or smoothie maker?

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I have both. My blender is attached to a giant Oster kitchen center (mixer,food processor, meat grinder, the works), and I've had it forever. It was my grandmother's. Eight years ago, while living on a sailboat, my Mom bought me a Smoothie maker. It was easier to store in the small space.


If you are adding ice to your smoothies, some of the smoother makers are better designed to handle the ice crushing. My blender is OLD so it's tough. I doubt modern blenders could handle the ice crushing for very long.


That probably wasn't very helpful now that I re-read what I've written. You may want to go online and research some blenders and smoothie makers and see what will best fit your families' needs.

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I don't know that it matters, you just want something that is 450watts or higher. The classic Oster Beehive blender is a good, basic blender. You can easily get replacement jars, seals, lids and they have a great warranty. We make multiple smoothies a day so we have 3 blender jars. It is really nice to not have to wash out the jar between kids (food allergies) or if one is dirty/in the dishwasher, I can just pull out another jar.


They also have smoothie cups that go on some of the Oster blenders. You don't have to get a glass dirty that way. It is blended and drank from the same jar.


One thing I do like to use my blender for is bulk grinding coffee. We use an individual burr grinder for daily coffee. But there are times, like going on vacation, that I want to take our own coffee with us. I can grind what ever quantity I want by using a mason jar. Same with making my own ground nuts, ground oatmeal for oatmeal baths, ground bread for bread crumbs etc.

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