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If you're looking for a little extra $...

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I have a link to registration with Pinecone Research. They are looking for more people to join. I joined a few months ago and have made between $6 and $9 a month- which adds up to around $100.00 a year. They send you surveys on new products that you complete and pay you $3.00 for each one. You are also entered in a drawing for $500.00 (after each completed survey) that they give away each month. Sometimes, you will even get to test the product. Each survey takes between 5-15 minutes. -It's an easy way to add a little cash to your budget. If you're interested, here is the link:

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Sounds interesting - but I can't get the link to work. Any help?



I tried it on the email they sent me, and it worked. When I tried the one I copied and pasted, it didn't work. Hmm... I'm wondering if the link only works from the email. If you want to pm me with your email address, I'll forward the original email to you. Since I'm realizing now that they wanted me to email friends instead of posting on a forum, I'll email the link to the first 5 people who pm me.

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