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Is T-Tapp worth the $$$ ?

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I have a few online friends who it's worked amazingly well for.


Not for me, unfortunately. I have given it more than enough time and energy to have seen the results they promise and I haven't.


What it has helped with is upping my energy some (which any exercise program will do) and has made my thighs and bottom firmer (though not thinner). So yeah, it has helped a bit, but I'm really disappointed in it. I have worked hard to make sure I'm doing the moves "just right" and I feel the burn where it's supposed to be etc, but I cannot lose weight with it apart from dieting/calorie restriction.

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I wanted to do T-Tapp so my husband told me to do her "try before you buy" workout five times a week for a month to prove that I'd use it. I did it, bought T-Tapp, and lost 30 pounds while learning to cake decorate!


I think I liked T-Tapp because it is so structured. You do your workout and you know you're done for the day. I can't keep up a Pilates program because I never know how to mix it up with stretching, running, etc. It really helped my lower back pain. However, I think any good exercise program will give you reasonable results if you do it five times a week consistently, and I learned the discipline while "earning" the DVDs.


The DVDs get boring after a while, but they still are a hard workout if you follow her instructions. I like that she wants you to THINK about what you are doing and not just exercise mindlessly - it really does help make the work out effective.


So far, my sisters, cousin, SIL, BIL, and SIL's dad have all started (and continued) T-Tapping.


Good luck finding the right workout for you!


BTW, I started T-Tapping in April 2007. Whenever I Tapp consistantly my back stops hurting. Running makes my back hurt. :-(



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and, while it was interesting, I wasn't that impressed. (Of course, I'm rarely impressed when someone thinks they have THE one-and-only effective program ever discovered, and that was the impression I got.)

I think Dawn is right.

T-Tapp wasn't enjoyable. And, because I have a trick knee, it made my joints ache.

Check out styles of workouts at CollageVideo.com and read reviews. I believe any combination of cardio and strength training will ultimately bring results. (And SO many things may be available at your library or even netflix -- check them out!)

Good luck!

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