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Where to start ds/8 in HWT?


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For k and 1st grade ds was home and we used RFHW, it seemed to be ok and I liked that they used Bible verses for content. Last year ds tried out ps and they use traditional printing and cursive. DS is left-handed and has always had a horrible time with handwriting. I got him RFHW book C this year, which is all cursive and he is just about in tears. He hates it and I just don't think it will work for him since he's left-handed.


I have been looking at HWT and believe this will be much better for him. My question is whether I start him in the 2nd grade book which is printing or just start him with the 3rd grade book which is cursive? What would you do?

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We've used HWT since K and for me it would depend on what specific problems he has with his handwriting. If it's his spacing between letters and words, then cursive could help correct that much easier than print. The cursive book starts out very easy... all the letters that are almost exactly the same as in print and the line spaces are still fairly big at the beginning of the book. One thing I don't like is that there's not much instruction or practice with capitals. Basically only one line per capital letter in the whole book and it's at the very end!


If he has problems with stamina or staying within the lines... I'd probably go with the print book. I don't know why, but I feel like there's more writing per page in the cursive book. Also, the lines are very narrow at the end - about like college ruled paper. Hopefully someone else will share their opinions as well.



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