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Science For Sixth Grade


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I am having a difficult time choosing a science program for my sixth grader. I am wondering if anyone could share how they implement the WTM science curriculum using the Usborne book. I am interested in doing this but I am a little worried bc we have always followed a curriculum like Apologia before. I think I would like to try it though, just not sure how.


I am also considering The Rainbow but there is so little info available about it. There are some others that look interesting: Real Science for Kids, Nancy Larson, NOEO, Supercharged Science and CPO Science.


I looked into Real Science Odyssey and Elemental Science and I think they may be too young.


Thanks for any help.

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Have you looked at Answers in Genesis God's Design series?


My 6th grader is using their Physical World program this year. Actually, my 8th grader is too, he needed to kinda 'go back a step' in the science department.


I'm using Elemental Science with my 4th grader and I would have to agree, it's a good fit for him, at that age/level, but would be too 'below' the average 6th grader. (too bad that logic set isn't out yet ;) )


That's all I have to offer...I don't have much experience in science curricula.

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I didn't use the Usborne book as my spine, but what I do every year is pick one or more books that I do want to use as my spines and pick the topics that I want to cover each week. We read on the subject from the spine and I sometimes also pull info from online; we may read other books on topic, as well. Depending on the type of science we're studying, my son may be adding scientists to a timeline, making sketches, doing experiments, doing related worksheets, etc. that supports the readings we've done. He also sometimes writes up reports about certain topics. We do quite a few related field trips each year, too.

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