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How long should subjects take?

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Okay so I feel like I'm teaching snails with ADD!! Getting the kids to finish anything is taking all of my time and making me crazy.


Today they needed to do the following:




Reading Comprehension

Geography Trails (2 questions that are supposed to take 5 mins)

Review SOTW Ch #12 & make a sock monkey

Diagram a few sentences on the chalk board

Study spelling words for 5 mins (test tomorrow)


This took 4 1/2 hours.


Does that seem like an excessive amount of time to anybody but me? If I'm way off base here please let me know so I can stop allowing it to stress me out. ;) If I'm not crazy does anybody have any suggestions on how to light a fire under these kids? I think they're not taking me seriously and it's frustrating.

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Honestly, I plan less than 2 hours worth of lessons, yet the kids can drag it out to 5 or 6 hours.


I've started conducting the lesson, and allowing 15 minutes for the accompanying work to be done. If it's not completed during that time, it gets set aside while we move on to the next subject.


Once I'm done teaching all my lessons for the day, they get homework time to finish the work they didn't finish in the allotted time. I've given up waiting for everyone to finish before moving on to the next subject.


Before homework times begin I announce what we can do when homework is finished: go outside, watch a movie, bake cookies, etc. This sometimes motivates them to get finished. If not, they can sit there until the work is finished.


I know your frustration very well. Yes, it does seem excessive. But we cannot pick up their pencils and make the work get done.


If I knew how to get the work done I would be jumping for joy and sharing the secret with everyone here. Hopefully someone else can tells us how to get these kids moving.

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It's going to vary...


We are actually schooling all day. We left the house at 8am this morning, drove to our friends' house (they also homeschool), we did science all together, the younger kids did a seasons project and then everyone did their own individual schoolwork. I just got home around 3pm. We're also taking a couple of enrichment classes during the week...:glare: So, our schooldays are very long and busy. But, our kids are having an absolute blast. I think this might be their best semester ever homeschooling...


With the ages of your kids, schooling for most of the day wouldn't be completely unexpected... Also, your workload seems reasonable. :)

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