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Recommended Stories from Lang's Arabian Nights?

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We are working on the Rise of Islam in history the next week or two. I have borrowed the book "The Arabian Nights" by Andrew Lang from the library. We won't have the time to read the entire book, but I wanted the girls to read 3 or 4 stories. Can anyone give some recommendations of stories that are not to be missed?


Thanks :)

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For sure I would read the stories of Sindbad the Sailor; offhand, I would say these are among the most popular here, as far as spin-offs are concerned -- movies, cartoons, etc. Sindbad (here they call him Sindibad) is very popular. You could even do an activity of using an astrolabe, to experience how Arab sailors used to navigate.


Aladdin ('Ala' ad-Din) is another popular story, although imo less than Sindbad (but maybe more popular in Western culture).

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