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Please help me with the cheaper Chalkdust books!

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I followed the advice given on previous threads, and got the Larson Elementary Algebra textbook, solutions, and dvds by isbn that were recommended-- and when I received the textbook I found that it is an instructor's edition, with all of the answers in red ink beside every question in the exercises!! That can't be what everyone else is using, is it?? We can't use this, and we're supposed to be starting tomorrow. :banghead: I have searched online for the past hour, and everything I'm finding either is specifically described as the same instructor edition that I have, or is listed by the same isbn number-- so I'm afraid to order and risk receiving this same edition again. Please, if anyone knows the isbn number for the normal student edition, that does not contain the answers, please let me know as soon as possible. In the meantime, I guess I will have to white out all of the answers for every chapter, but that is going to get old really quickly.

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The isbn for the student text is usually listed somewhere in the first pages of the TE...


Please DO NOT white out the answers...


I always allow my algebra 1 and above students to have access to the answers to the homework problems. They are free to look in the back of the book after each problem if they like--although I suggest after every 'set' of problems. Homework is NOT complete until all problems assigned are WORKED OUT correctly--not just writing the answer down!


Homework is for practice... so I do not take grades on homework assignments--but again I expect the students to work all of the problems correctly by the due date.. if they miss a problem they immediately go back and find their error OR work the problem out again. If they are still stuck they ask for help or look in the solutions manual.


Hopefully you will locate a student text before you need to test! (This is the only time the students are not allowed access to answers before I grade!).

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Erica, I am not a wizard at putting links but I did just read a really long post by Pongo called "CHalkdust Math and less $$$" which is a tag I believe. In it AngieW in Texas made a nice list of all the ISBNs in one post.


Good luck,


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