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cross post: Challenging my child


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I have a fairly bright child (don't we all?!?) that doesn't seem to be challenged by homeschooling. There are things that are hard for him, but he picks them up pretty easily. I am starting to see homeschool "fallout" from my friends who have noticed the same things about their kiddos and their solution is to send them to the public school for high school. I saw last year when he had an IEW class that his motivation to do well and do better increased because there were others to "compete" with. He just does better with competition.


All this to say- what do I do? We do have a TOG co-op that meets bi-weekly, but I don't see it being enough. My thoughts have been going to Classical Conversations (or something else I don't know about) because I feel like an outside group to influence him would be helpful. We live in a small town, so anything we do with outside classes requires quite a bit of driving and my family circumstances make that an almost impossibility. It would really have to be worth my time to make anything outside of our home be worth it. Any suggestions?



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Any suggestions?

1. Test him in math and LA until you find the level that challenges him. (when I say test this may be oral, written, or maybe you just can look through the curriculum and find the challenge) You may need to do this at the beginning of the year and again at the middle of the year.


2. Use a program like Kumon where he can see the quarterly rankings. Any program or competition that will allow him to see a ranking may satisfy his need to compete.


3. Use curriculum designed for gifted learners that move faster, go deeper, and repeat less.


4. If you are confident that he needs an outside group, but you can't swing outside classes, and are open to the idea of a traditional classroom, it is an option worth considering.




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