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This weekend I was supposed to . . . but instead I . . .

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I was supposed to be doing major fall decluttering and cleaning. Instead, I took my van in to get the air conditioner fixed to the tune of $1800. Got a virus on my computer that I still haven't eliminated. Kept an almost constant eye on my dog to prevent him from scratching himself up even more. Arranged a trip to the movies for my 13 year old. Arranged for my hubby to take the 11 year old out on a daddy date and shopping trip for her birthday. And finally, hosted a sleepover. Not a single check mark on my to-do list and first thing tomorrow I need to take puppy to the vet. Wednesday I need to go chiro as my back is killing me, Thursday is an away game for dd and Friday back to the airport to pick hubby up again. Better luck next weekend, I hope. How about the rest of you?

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This weekend, we were supposed to switch the furniture around in our kids' bedrooms and pay our bills. Instead...we went swimming, went to a Water Sculpture Park, ate at Joe's Crab Shack and spent 7 hours at our friends' house (who have 5 kids-woohoo!)...:blush:

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I was supposed to finishing entering my items and then tag all my items for an upcoming children's consignment sale. My dad was here to help and I kept putting it off.:glare: Made over $1100 at the last sale so I need to get on the ball with this....


Instead, I did a little cleaning in the garage and surfed the net for 2 days....oh, I did make up some latin flashcards for my daughter on the computer....



Robin in NJ

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I was supposed to clean house, mow lawns, wash windows, bake, plan next few weeks of school and assignments, go through papers piled on desk...


Instead dd had a chem lab with her dad and a friend while I went for coffee and chat with JennW. Then we went out to dinner. DD, DH and I have not all eaten out together in quite some time. Went to a fondue restaurant and had wine and chocolate.


Today I took dd to Borders to spend her allowance (with 33% off coupon and $5 Borders bucks) on musicals soundtracks and books. Went to lunch next door to the bookstore. Came home and took a nap with newly bathed dogs on bed beside me; they were all warm and cozy and the weather is just unprecedently cool for September in SoCal.


I got no work done, but I liked this kind of weekend MUCH better than the one I had planned.


Having had all too many weekends like the OP described, I extend my heartfelt sympathies and hope your next one includes napping and chocolate and your strong drink of choice.

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This weekend I was supposed to organize and tag all my consignment sale items, wash the floors, and put away a ridiculous amount of laundry... instead I drove all over the place to help my sister find an apartment, went out to dinner with friends, sat outside in the gorgeous weather we've been having to ponder, and searched for Christmas gifts online.

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I worked this weekend but I get off at 4 on Sundays so I thought I would get some cleaning done while the rest of my family is on vacation without me (I had to work). I had today off, so I was supposed to spend the day cleaning too.


So, far I have slept till noon. :0)

Chatted with friends here :0)

Got take out for lunch :0)

Did 3 loads of laundry (I usually do 9 loads on Sunday) and most of what I did do is still laid out on my bed waiting to be hung up.

Washed off the kitchen counters and ran the dishwasher. :0)

Took my blender jars apart to wash the seals :0)

Googled a gift I want to buy someone :0)

Spent about 30 minutes cleaning :0)

I texted a question to dh cuz, honestly, I didn't even feel like talking to anyone :)


I am being very, very lazy and it feeeeels so good!


and here I sit....6 hours later, with about 80 minutes of real work done. LOL Oh, well I guess I got a vacation too. :0)

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This weekend I was supposed to pay bills, go to the grocery store and pet store, write some e-mails to get church musicians organized for the fall. But instead I....


Drove ds to D&D and watched a movie with dh


Took a dog that we had been taking care of back to be with her peoples and took a pile of useful stuff to them. They lost their house to a fire 2 weeks ago and finally have a rental house but no furniture. Dog and family are happy to be reunited!


Went to see a ballet recital that featured 2 of my violin students, their sisters and a few other kids I know.


Played 3 services at church Sunday morning. (Dvorak and Bach before 9am, oh my!)


Took my ds to KarenAnne's for chemistry, went for coffee and traded books with her.


Watched Moby Dick (the one with Patrick Stewart as Ahab)


Went out for brunch today with dh and ds, talked to ds#1 on the phone, and finished a fun, fluffy fantasy novel.


It is 6:30pm and there is nothing in the house for dinner, no cream for the coffee tomorrow morning, and a stack of bills still sitting where they were Friday afternoon.

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This weekend I was supposed to figure out the schedule for the first week of school (with all new curricula that I haven't had time to look over). Instead I reread the entire Hunger Games Series and am almost done (again), took the kids and friends to see The Karate Kid and mildly considered joining Tae Kwon Do or Tai Chi classes (again), and baked a lot of bread.


(P.S. I did get today's schedule set last night around 1030pm and we had a...mostly full...first day :))

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This weekend I was supposed to have a relaxing weekend at home. Instead, my fridge caught fire. I bought a new fridge (and then returned it b/c - even though it was the same cu. ft. as the old one - it didn't fit...grrrr....) And I decided I'd reorganize my kitchen since we had to drag the fridge out anyway. So I put new shelf liner down in the cabinets, drawers, pantry. Then I scrubbed the faces of every cabinet and drawer in my kitchen and oiled them and then cleaned the walls, ceiling, and light fixtures.


My fingers hurt and all my fingernails are broken. But my kitchen is sparkling and shiny. :)

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