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Question about Livestock Guardian dogs?

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We're getting a LGD in a few weeks and I had a few training questions. How much training/socialization do I need to do? Should I be bringing him to soccer games with me and go to obedience training or should I be limiting his time with other people? While his time will be spent doing his job out with the animals, I don't want him to be nervous around people & freak out when the UPS man comes:). I'm reading conflicting information - some says limit contact with people & other says to socialize.




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for your reply. My understanding was that they cannot be left with the livestock immediately but have to be gradually bonded with them first. Am I correct? So I keep him with me? or in the crate and he spends increasing amounts of time with the animals? Thank you for the pointer about getting them in the car - yes, that could be problematic once he's grown. When we went to the farm to pick him out, the parents (& pups) were not keep in a fenced area. They were free to roam but didn't leave their charges so that's interesting about a pyr bolting. He's not a pyr, he's a maremma so I don't know if that makes a difference.

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