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So Disappointed

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One of the first books I picked up when starting home schooling almost 4 yrs ago (holy crud. Its been that long?!) was Home Schooling: The Early Years by Linda Dobson. Loved it, refer to it when I haven't loaned it out (*ahem*, SpecialMama :tongue_smilie:), its great.


So, when I saw Homeschooling: The Middle Years at my favourite hs store, I grabbed it. After all, Diva is going on 12, I have 2 more kids coming up through the ranks, more info is always good.


Except its not by Linda Dobson. Its by Shari Henry. And I've found it basically repeating Dobson's book, and can be summed up by: Talk to experienced homeschoolers. And here's a list of other stuff that isn't remotely adequately covered in this book.


Really, really disappointed thus far. Granted, I'm only 2/3rds of the way through, but so far every chapter is personal anecdotes (hers and survey respondents), a list of reference material, and exhorting ppl to talk to veterans.



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Well, imho, anyone who can write anything definitive about middle schoolers (homeschooled or not) would be a hero to me!


:iagree: I'm not there with my own kids, but having taught 8th graders for years, THIS IS SO TRUE!!!!


Sorry about the disappointment with your book, Impish. I hate when you want to continue with a "series", and the subsequent book(s) is/are worthless.

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I meant that the author repeats the same advice, couched in different terms. Suggesting family history is repeated in different ways a number of times, for example. There are some great headings, like Life As Your Child's Primary Role Model that could have been really interesting, if she'd actually had something to say about it.

Just not really any *more* info than in Dobson's, and I liked Dobson's better. Probably b/c I read it first :lol:

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