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Tell me about Enki math


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Enki's math is very "Waldorf-y" with some Montessori bits thrown in. It has the standard Waldorf-type story about the King or knight or other story figure that likes to put things in his pockets (addition), the character with a hole in his pocket (stubraction), and the characters that like to multiply and divide things.


For practice, there are lots of games and work with base-10 blocks. There are also lots of physical circle/clapping/stomping/beanbag/fingerplay games for counting, skip counting, and otherwise kinesthetically "getting" math. One of my dds recently told me it was the Enki "make 10s" fingerplay that finally got her to remember all her 10-facts. Who knew? (we used to have a Waldorf/Enki-based coop once a week - it was never our "main" program).


I saw you also posted about Noble Knights of Knowledge - that's another Waldorf-based math, but I think it's not being sold anymore? Used to hear good things about it.


I thought I saw another post here a while ago about a new Waldorf-based math, maybe do a search? Christopherus also sells a math program, but I don't know anything about it other than it's Waldorf-based.

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Waldorf style math programs (story based)


Oak Meadow--combine with other subjects K-3rd


Chrstopherus I think you can get 2nd on its own but the rest are combined in the syllabus.


Making Math Meaningful I've heard their middle school materials are excellent.


A Little Garden Flower We use this one.


Gnomes & Gnumbers This one is free but it will probably never be finished. I use these stories and ideas a lot.


There's a few more out there including one that looked really, really good but I don't remember the name. If you search for Waldorf math on the forums you will probably find the link.:001_smile:

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