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Home School Support Meeting Ideas

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I am looking for some ideas for topics to discuss at our monthly meeting.


We have done the following:


speech/early reading specialist - guest speaker

Susan Wise Bauer - listen to audio speeches

How to get started HS

How to stay organized

shared coupon/savings strategies


Please share any and all ideas.




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One of my favorite meeting topics is a children's literature sharing night. Everyone brings a bag of their favorite children's books. We go around the room and talk about what we brought and why we like them. I always came away with great ideas for new books for my kids and discovered authors we hadn't experienced before.


In a similar vein, in the spring, we always did a curriculum sharing night. People would bring a box of favorite curriculum materials (and I use that term "curriculum" loosely - could be any learning materials.) Again, we went around the room and talked about what we brought and why we liked it. Then we would take time to be able to look through materials. Sometimes, we turned this into a curriculum sale as well.

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  • learning styles
  • family mission statement (guest speaker)
  • celebrating the holidays (for Thanksgiving and Christmas)
  • experienced homeschooling mom's panel
  • homeschool graduate's panel (done in Jan. when they are still on break from college)
  • teaching writing (guest speaker)
  • maintaining and growing in your spiritual life while homeschooling (for moms)
  • preparing transcripts
  • preparing for middle school/ high school homeschooling



These are some ideas from meetings we've done in the past and ones we're doing this year.

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We have done topics already listed as well as these:


Parenting boys

Parenting girls

Extra Curricular Activities (how to schedule without being overwhelmed, what is available in the area, etc.)

Field Trip Planning

Home Decorating on a Low Budget (a very popular topic!)

Home Organizing (guest speaker was a professional organizer, gave ideas for major trouble spots, techniques)

Healthy, Inexpensive, Quick Meals (included recipes)

Teaching Using Games (math games, spelling games, all made at home)


Teaching Reading

High School Hsing Panel (lots of Q&A time, panel was mothers who had hsed and graduated their dc)

College Prep (scheduling courses, local resources, pre-requisites, activities, applications, admissions essays, etc.)

Learning foreign languages

Teaching Music and Art for the Non-Musical and Non-Artistic Mothers

Lapbooking (included hands-on samples)

Community Service Opportunities for families (ideas, local needs)

Crafts for Kids (ideas, directions, etc.)

Creating Portfolios

Record Keeping

Teaching Computer Skills (keyboarding, software)

Using Technology in Hsing

Teaching Writing, Essays, Research papers

Scheduling Mom-Time (need to refuel ourselves, how to schedule that time)

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Why not look at some of the difficult parts of homeschooling?


There have been times when I desperately needed to know that there were others who were struggling...




depression in homeschooling

aging parents

difficult teens



I wouldn't approach these topics all the time, but I did REALLY need to know that I wasn't the only one having a hard time. And I think that it would help others to know how these kinds of struggles affect you and what others can do to help.

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At our last meeting we made it a point to update our local (and state) resources list. Everyone brought all of their contacts and we made a directory together that included school supply stores, tutors, music teachers, where to find sports leagues or lessons, art instructors, museums, and so on. Some of the favorite resources were thrift stores and restaurants that offer kids eat free LOL. I heard of activities that I had never heard of before and with a pot luck meal it was a wonderful bonding experience since I discovered other people who had the same interests.

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