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Need motivational words for sons...

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I'm making some small motivational cards for my boys for the beginning of the school year. I plan to include them in one of their books throughout the week (and perhaps continue occasionally as the year progresses). We've been working hard to make this an efficient, fun, and happy school year for us. I just need some more ideas!


I have a couple, like "You've got what it takes to achieve success!" and "May this be the neatest, funnest, most awesome school year ever!" (I am aware that "funnest" isn't a proper word, but it sounds fun!) :)


My sons are 12 (7th grade) and 7 (2nd grade). Any suggestions for additional words of motivation and enthusiasm? I'm at a loss!





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Here are some to get us started, and to add to some motivating phrases to use with our dc:


25 Positive Words For The School Year



Looking for some positive words to use on your children when looking over tests and school assignments for the upcoming year? I put together a list because I think it’s fun to use different expressions when complementing children on a job done well. Here they are:



  1. A+ student
  2. Brainy
  3. Bravo
  4. Bright
  5. Capable
  6. Clever
  7. Creative
  8. Efficient
  9. Glowing with knowledge
  10. Honorable
  11. Imaginative
  12. Intellectual
  13. Intelligent
  14. Knowledgeable
  15. Noteworthy
  16. On the ball
  17. On your toes
  18. Picture Perfect
  19. Quick
  20. Resourceful
  21. Right On
  22. Shining Star
  23. Study Bug
  24. Top tester
  25. Witty



What motivating phrases can we come up with using these words?



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