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Excalibur dehydrator owners...

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What size do you have? I am buying mine on Thursday and want to know what size did you go with and why? I always tend to buy larger for the simple fact of "if I need it later better larger then too small". So, would you do that with this also?


Also what is your opinion on must need items to go with it?


Thank you for any help.

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I got the 9 tray too because it was recommended (even though we are a family of 4). And it's true..when I do get around to dehydrating, it is pretty easy to fill up all the trays. Sometimes I feel that the 5 try would have been enough..but overall I am glad I bought the 9 tray.


I highly recommend the teflex sheets. I make many things like corn chips and various patties that really need the teflex sheets. I only bought 4, but I could easily use 9 sometimes.

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