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scripture memorization set to music


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Does such a thing exist?


I don't mean bible songs like "The B-I-B-L-E, yes that's the book for me," (not that I have anything against these songs), but actual scripture verses set to music.




ETA: This would be for an older child - 13 and ME! But I am not revealing my age. So nothing little-kiddish.

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Some of our favorites:


Hide 'Em in You Heart by Steve Green {---- these may be too little kid


all of the Seeds cds - these are my personal favorites {--- these are cool music a teen would likely appreciate


Thy Word Creations are the BEST for long passages. They have songs, but I think the real value is in the spoken word, by kids, with music. They are great. {--- I linked a kid section, but they also have a whole teen section.


Hope that helps!!

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You absolutely have to check out Seeds of Worship. A friend just introduced us and gave my 5 yr old a cd and I love it and so do my 3 & 5 yr olds. They have been walking around singing the song Treasure from the Seeds of Purpose. "Where your treasure is there your heart will be also..." I hear all day long being sung by my boys. The songs are very catchy and not kid like at all. I truly enjoy them and think you guys would too. There is a whole cd online to listen to which I am actually currently doing. :) http://www.seedsfamilyworship.net/media_listen.php

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