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Kinetic Math..

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I've used their Algebra I and Algebra II. They are both solid courses.


KB Algebra I has everything that's in Jacobs Algebra, but also has additional content that's not in Jacobs Algebra like solving systems of three equations and optimizing solutions with systems of inequalities.


KB is the only program I've used for Algebra II, so I can't compare their Algebra II to anybody else's. It is solid though.

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I really like the look of this program.

Do you have a teachers book to help them if they need it?

I need all the help I can get if ds doesn't get one of the problems.


Did you have to purchase the books to go along with it or did you find that you could just use the computer program?


Did you find that you could use the computer program again and just not have the option for the program to keep the grades for another student? Or did you find that you had to purchase another program for a younger student?

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We've used it for Pre-Alg and about to begin Alg 1. We don't use any teacher materials, my son just does 3-5 lessons on his own per day.


I'm using it as a supplement--I think the material is very thorough (Alg 1 has something close to 800 lessons I recall) but IME math needs to be practiced the old fashioned way to prepare for testing.


I don't doubt that for some kids it would be enough--but for us, having a traditional curriculum alongside Kinetic Books is working well.

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You definitely DON'T need the paper text. The paper text is just screen shots of the computer program. Don't waste your money on it.


If you want to reuse it for another kid, then I would buy the reusable cd-rom. That one times out at the end of a calendar year, but can then be used for another student. I think it costs $5 more than the single-use cd-rom.

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